We give actors/ actresses an individual guide on how photo and video material for professional, international applications and promotion could look like. We offer specific photo shoots, create MoodReels as well as About Me videos and produce Showreel scenes in different languages.

After over 10 years in the film business, first as a talent agent then as a production manager, I have built a network of international professionals in front of and behind the camera. I would like to share my experience and knowledge to help young actors/ actresses with their first steps into the acting business or to give established actors/ actresses a new perspective on their portfolio in an individual collaboration. Therefore, we discuss in detail how you can build or optimize your material.
(picture: © Jasmin John)

Every actor/ actress is unique and requires special attention. Our goal is for them to be well prepared with a meaningful portfolio that they are also confident in. We develop scenes that reflect different sides of your acting skills. For this, I have assembled a professional team for photo shootings, scene development/ shooting/ postproduction. This way you are able to create a complete, specific portfolio of images and video footage with one smart team.

What we do!

We discuss what we can provide you in a first personal meeting (or via Zoom etc.). In the end it’s your decision which part of our services you wish to use. So please contact us, we hope to hear and probably see you soon. Manuel

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