We give actors/ actresses an individual guideline how photo and video material should look like for professional, international applications and promotion. We provide specific photo shootings, create MoodReels as well as About Me videos and write, shoot and postproduce Showreel scenes.

A short interview about the services of Pro.Act.Pro!

After 10 years in the movie business I’ve built up a network of international professionals in front and behind the camera. My team and I want to create for you a profile of pictures and acting scenes that you like as much as we do. At the same time, I’ll give you the individual and personal advice which agencies, caster and the business needs and expects from you. (picture: © Jasmin John)

Our job begins with you! Because we want to understand what you need. Every actor/actress is unique and individual and therefore requires special attention with either existing profiles or creating new ones. Our aim is that you are well prepared for different types of castings and projects and also to apply properly with a polished portfolio for agencies.

What we do!

You have to be convinced of your new material, that’s the first important thing. We will talk about every aspect of your profile, how you have to build it up or how you can optimize it and I’ll give you the possibility to develop scenes with me and my script writer which will reflect different sides of your acting skills. I also put together a professional team to shoot these scenes, to work on it in postproduction and you have the chance to get also in contact with my photographer. So you are able to create a complete, specific portfolio of pictures and video material with one smart team.

We will first discuss what we can provide you in a personal meeting, telephone call or something like that. In the end it’s your decision which part of our services you wish to use. So please contact us, we hope to hear and probably see you soon. Manuel (picture: © Jasmin John)

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