Manuel Höhne

Born and raised in Berlin I graduated with a sales and marketing education before I follwed finally my passion when I was 30 years old. Starting in an international talent agency for actors and actresses I realized that I found the business I want to go on working in. After nearly 7 years as a talent agent I changed to production to experience the set life and to learn the facilities of an production manager. My first produced movie “Luft” was nominated as best middle length feature film at Achtung Berlin- New Berlin Film Award and the feature film “Stand Up! Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places” was recently awarded for Best Feature Film in Beverly Hills and Best Lead Actor, Best Lead Actress and Best Supporting Actor in New York. But 2,5 years organizing everything for the movies meant for me that it’s time to be more with the actors and actresses again. So here I am, having a great team to do the work I love. (picture: © Murat Cetinkaya)

Felix- Florian Seyfert
(Script Writer)

Born in 1994. Grew up on the north coast. As a former journalist, he was educated in the North-German-Media and moved to Mallorca for a while. Since 2017 he lives in Berlin. After first experiences in the event industry, he changed to the film business because storytelling is his real passion. Besides his studies in script writing at “Masterschool Drehbuch”, he gained insights into serial productions of “Ufa Serial Drama”, “Polyphon Film- und Fernsehgesellschaft”, “Saxonia Media” and “Producers at work”. His goal is to write sustainable series for a young audience – he is currently developing a serial screenplay. Felix likes also to work on the film set as a Crowd-Marshall, Child Supervisor or assistant set-manager. Besides that, he teaches students about journalism in workshops. Me and Felix met each other at the “Achtung Berlin – New Berlin Film Award”. (picture: © Polyphon)

Nuno Martini

Nuno Martini is a director of photography based in Berlin. He shot since 2004 several feature films like “Stand Up! Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places”, “Splinter” (working title), “An Island Named Desire”, “Vita Brevis”, shorts like the awarded “Seven Levels Deep”, “Canção de Embalar”, “A Grande Paródia”, “Calipso” and other documentaries and TV movies. I worked with him on two times before. One of the projects was the mentioned feature film “Stand Up! Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places by Timo Jacobs which was over 15 times awarded worldwide. One for “Best Cinematography by Nuno Martini”. (picture: © set “A Grande Parodia”)

Alex Feldman
(Sound Recordist & Sound Design)

Alex Feldman is a sound designer and an educator based in Berlin, Germany. He worked in the field of audio production for over a decade. Since 2007 he was involved in a vast amount of projects on a wide spectrum. He says he’s never bored and has never a dull moment. He uses all his energy to evolve and expand tools and ideas. He loves working with creative people and is grateful for every connection he manages to establish professionally and personally with those who help him grow and learn. He loves his work and treats each project as his own creation, getting attached and excited, looking forward to implement the new concepts he acquires over time. He listens!

Mattias Larsen
(Sound Recordist)

Born in Stockholm. Studied Ljudkultur (Sonic/Audio Culture) 1+2 for one year at Linköping University in Norrköping, 2012-2013. Finished a three year bachelor in Electronic Music Production at dBs Music in Berlin, 2013-2016. Currently based in Berlin as a freelancer, he worked already on different shorts, TV productions and feature films. We know each other since our shooting for the feature film “Stand Up! Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places” by Timo Jacobs, awarded more than 15 times worldwide in 2021. (picture: © Mattias Larsen)

Yasmin Malika von Nagy
(Hair/ Make Up & Costumes)

More than 10 years experience in Make Up/ Hair and fashion area including numerous movie projects like “Opfer” (nominatet Plus Camerimage 2011), “Irgendwo anders” (awarded Achtung Berlin 2016/ nominated FIPA 2017), “Und ich so: Äh” (awarded German Short movie Award 2016/ awarded Shortfilm Slam Hamburg 2018), “Fucking Berlin” (awarded New Face Award 2017), “Die Maßnahme” (nominated Grimme preis 2018) and “Luft” (nominated Achtung Berlin 2019). I worked with her several times before and know her since more than 10 years. (picture: © Nadine Pape)

Konterfei GmbH

Konterfei GmbH offers since about 10 years postproduction services including conceptual planning to final delivery of moving pictures and sounds project management and technical support. Edit suites, grading suites, screening, recording and mixing facilities specialists and artists. I got in touch with Konterfei during the work with filmmaker Jack Rath. (picture: © Konterfei)

Mario Orías

Mario Orias is a Venezuelan-born storyteller based in Berlin, who specializes in film editing. Mario has worked in almost every genre, from fiction to documentary, for theatrical, television and online formats. He exercises his healthy obsession for effective narrative and rhythm in both his editing and writing. His most recent film, “Beyond the Visible: Hilma af Klint,” recently premiered in Germany and was selected one of the best films of 2020 by the New York Times. I was introduced to him by filmmaker Jack Rath in 2019 (© Mario Orias)

Konstantin Dellos
(Musician/ Composer)

Konstantin Dellos is a Berlin based multi-instrumentalist, music producer and film composer with a unique approach to creating intense, sensorial and immersive sounds. Already as a child Konstantin developed his love for the film art and emotional expression through the fusion of picture and sound. Later on, the discovery of a new creative freedom as an electronic solo artist opened a wide panel of stylistic elements and possibilities. 2013 Konstantin started the electronic music project Lunakid. 2020 the electronic rockband Nugae. As well Konstantin runs his own label Soulpunx. With his wife, actress, Swiss Film Prize winner and director Jessy Moravec, Konstantin worked on several film productions as a composer. Furthermore he teaches Film Music at the Film Swiss School. (picture: © Jonas Friedrich)

Stefan Stalio

Berlin based photographer Stefan Stalio was born summer 1985 in Rhodes, Greece. His family moved to a small town near Cologne, Germany in 1990. After his education as an automotive mechatronics engineer in 2007 he moved to Berlin and pursued a professional carreer in photography. Besides his studies at Neue Schule für Fotografie, he assisted several photographers in advertising, fashion and portrait photography. Since 2014 Stefan works as a freelance people, sports, commercial and stills photographer on international film productions. We know each other since 2019 while shooting for a feature film. (picture: © Stefan Stalio)

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